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Welcome to Ruptered's Universal Social Ballbusting Community! or B.B.F.E (ballbusting for everyone). Take a look around and please register, it will literally take one minute.

ALL ACCOUNTS with no activity (no login) for over 4 mounts, have been removed. You are welcome to signup again.

We have merged our 3 sites into one, called BBFE. Faster page loads, separate content for different types. Follow the link below or register.

You may continue to login here and view the older material BUT it is recommended that you take a few minutes to REGISTER at the new site, as this one will not receive additional updates and will, in time, redirect to the new site bbfe.ruptered.com.



Fill in Your Profiles!

Suffer this from Miss Julie :)

Fill in Your Profiles People!  Miss Julie has spoken :)

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